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On Technology and the Loss of Tactile Sensation

As a member of the tail-end of “Generation X,” I have lived through most of the advancements in the technology of media and communication. I have dialed rotary phones, listened to music on record and eight-track players, played games on the Commodore 64 and Atari, developed photographs in a darkroom, read magazines and newspapers, written letters by hand and walked up to the television to change channels. I have been a witness to all advancements in these technologies since.

Recently I have had reason to pause and think about the tactile sensations that we have lost due to the advancement of technology. The eminent death of traditional newspapers, the Kindle’s revolution of book publishing and reading, a mother/writer’s suggestion to stop teaching handwriting and the exponential advancements in phone technology have all led to this series of writings.

I am by no means against the advancement of technology. I get most of my news on the internet, I own a cell phone, I use email, blogs, facebook and twitter, I have all my music loaded into iTunes and I design websites for a living. But part of me misses the experiences granted by older technology. Of course, these new technologies also grant new experiences and conveniences.

Future posts will be linked to here: Music.


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