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Deliciousness #3 – Variations of the Letter M

Public transportation has a large presence in every major city in the world. Even those that don’t use it regularly, are aware of it and reminded of it often, by signage, advertising and the sight of trains and buses everywhere. Many public transoprt systems share one thing in common (besides moving people from one place to another): the letter M (for Metro). has collected many of the logos for metro systems from around the world, and put them all together in a great sea of M’s (and to a lesser extent T’s and S’s). The site also features the logos listed with their associated city or metro area, as well as groupings based on similarities. An overwhelming trend in metro logo design is simplicity. This arises, of course, from the need to quickly recognize the icon while navigating busy downtown and commercial areas. Another commonality in the designs is arrows pointing down, a result of the most important function of the signage – marking bus or train stops – and an inherent feature of the letter M.

Besides the list of metro logos the site has examples of font usage, architecture, and many other features associated with metro transit systems.


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