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I was going to do a Deliciousness post about the online home of Alvin Lustig, one of my favorite designers from the mid-century era, only to find that is apparently no longer functional. A visit to the URL redirects to a GoDaddy page stating that the domain is parked. A quick Google search delivers few alternatives to see his work, none of which contain more than a fraction of his portfolio. I can only hope that the site is merely changing hosting, redesigning, or experiencing technical difficulties.

Some of the site is accessible through the Internet Archive, albeit sans full-size images. The best remaining source for Lustig’s work seems to be the AIGA page for him, but this features only a handful of pieces (click on the numbers beneath the photo). A Flickr search returns 168 pieces, but few of them are his actual work (many seem to be photos of a re-creation process).

It would be a great disservice to all designers – professionals or students (especially students) – as well as art lovers everywhere if this website were gone for good. If anyone has more info on the status of or additional sources of his work please let me know.


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