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Deliciousness #1 – Vintage Cassette Inserts

I’ve been meaning to post about my Delicious bookmarks for a while now, and here is the first installment. I have an ever-growing collection of bookmarks, and I thought I’d share some here.

Up first is a Flickr collection of vintage cassette tape inserts posted by Jubru. I first came across this wonderful set via Grain Edit. These are not inserts from pre-recorded albums, but rather the packaging for blank tapes used for mix tapes and computer data, among other things.

Seeing this collection brought me back to my youth, when making mix tapes was a favorite pasttime of mine. Even after CDs arrived, I still had a tape deck in my car, thus mix tapes were of vital importance. It also reminds me of my older siblings recording songs off the radio, using a second tape recorder to capture the music, waiting with a finger on the pause button for a song to come on, the whole time hoping they would get it started soon enough to catch the entire song. Though not shown in this collection, I’m quite sure all these inserts feature space for notes on the inside for listing the contents of the tape (which I often used for a catchy title for my mix, as well as hand-drawn graphics to match the mood of the mix).

Besides the nostalgia, I also love the designs. Being of a minimalist nature myself, the simple graphics strike a chord with me. The slight changes in color schemes for different capacity and quality make for easy reference when shopping for blanks to replenish the supplies at home. Some of my favorites are the Bonsonic, Phillips,  and EMI inserts.

Stay tuned for more Deliciousness.


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