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YouTube Remix Goodness

One trillion YouTube remixes/mash-ups have been made, but there are finally some that are actually good. I’m not talking about a funny juxtoposition of sound and images. As Joshua Bearman put it, “a step toward art.” I would say not just a step toward art, but full-fledged art. Kutiman, a man of unfathomable patience, has created seven (very good) original songs from pieces of YouTube videos featuring all sorts of musical talent. ThruYou is the result of countless hours of searching YouTube and countless hours of remixing the video to create something new.

What I find most impressive about this project is that the songs he pasted together are excellent pieces of music. Many popular and successful musicians would sell their souls to make music this good. At first glance, I thought it may be video pieced together to fit prerecorded music, but a visit to the ThruYou website reveals links to the original videos used in each song.

If you haven’t seen these videos, take a few minutes to look through the seven tracks and their source videos.(via BoingBoing)


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