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Seriously, That’s Your Plan?

Ford CEO Alan Mulally proved today that he is completely out of ideas and that he and his company think everyone everywhere are idiots. Given time to develop a plan to cut costs and prove themselves worthy of taxpayer assistance, Ford cut only two things, corporate jets and CEO salary. While these cuts are a good start, they were pretty obvious, even to a child. This plan means one of two things, either a) your company doesn’t need a bailout (cutting jets and one person’s salary is enough to save you) or the more likely b) even with a bailout, your company is doomed due to poor management.

I believe its time to let business Darwinism run its course and let the stupid companies die off. We are a nimble society, we can adapt to a world without the companies formerly known as the big three.

Update: It seems more details are emerging for Ford’s plan to become profitable. However, they are still vague and seem more like pandering just to recieve the bailout rather than a solid plan.


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